MUI Support

Hello Sir,
I am trying add MUI multilingual functionality in my project but some errors occurred.
Is MUI functionality support ToradexCE700 platform.
Please give us prpper solution.
I am using
OS: Windows10 Prof.
SDK: VisiualStudio2008 With Platform: Toradex_CE700(ARMv4I)

error is

Error	2	fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'MUILoad.h': No such file or directory

Yogesh Jadhav

alt text

Muiload.h is not a Windows Embedded Compact standard include file. It’ s used on Windows desktop.
Are you trying to port a Windows 32 application to our platform? This may require some code changes, since Windows Embedded Compact is missing some APIs and some things are implemented in a slightly different way.

Yes Sir,
we are porting Win32 app to ToradexCE700 app.
If we use MUI functionality what should I do? Please give us reference for code changes.

This feature is not supported on Windows Embedded Compact so, depending on how did you use it in your code, you may need to find a way to replace it. Windows CE supports localization and locale-specific resources, but MUI is more complex.

Resp Sir,
I did multi language using dll only resource but only issue is that I must installed .cab file at Toradex system. and having only four cab files are there ( ) .
Please sir provide us any Sample example for using MUI. We are mostly preferred MUI.,

Please refer this documentation : for your request. Please help yourself to make it work for your requirement. ,

This document would help you.