mSATA disk on apalis imx6Q with WinCE


I’m looking for documentation how to make a mSATA drive works under WinCE 2013 with the apalis IMX6.
I’ve found this link to use SATA but it only explain how to use under linux and not WinCE.

I’ve found the registry HKLM/Driver/BuiltIn/SATA. Where I change the DLL from “_sata.dll” to “sata.dll”.
I’ve checked the /windows/ directory and sata.dll is present. but I’m not able to see it in explorer.

Since it is a mSATA drive entirely new, I’m not able to know is there is any filesystem on the disk.
Could it be seen somewhere in WinCE even if not formatted ? And can it be formatted under WinCE ?

Thanks a lot for your answer



SATA is supported in version 1.1 beta 4. The driver is currently disabled in the registry but can be enabled by adding the correct Dll name inside the Drivers\builtin\sata subkey.

Please enable debug log messages and verify are there any SATA related messages and also share with us. If possible share the mSATA device link.

Goto Control panel → Storage Manager → Selete the disk and format it in order to mount it on WinCE.

Let us know if you have any other questions.