MP4 videos not playing in chromium

Hello. I have a web application wich is displayed with chromium in kiosk mode. I’ve already tried to install GStreamer packages but still not being possible to play mp4 videos. The only kind of videos wich I can reproduce is .webm format.
I found similiars questions in Video not playing in Chromium and Arm64v8-debian-kiosk-mode-browser does not play mp4 files

In my use case I cannot just convert the videos to .webm format. Our client really needs to display those videos in .mp4 format.

I’m using an Apalis IMX8X and IMX6.

Any recommendation of strategies are welcome.

Thanks in advance

Hi @gabriellima ,

It seems that the problem is related to the encoding and decoding formats supported by Chromium, can you please try the solution provided on this blogpost?

Best regards,
Daniel Morais