Mouse and Keyboard do not work. USB damaged! T30

After flashing some new OS images into board T30 via updater tool of Toradex, there is no IO of Mause or Keyboard possible anymore. WCE2013 starts well and everything looks in Diplay OK, but USB does not support mause and Keyboard anymore.
Is hardware self damaged?
Can some problem in flashing bootloader be the reason of such a problem?
USB-LEDs do not light any more!
I tested the evaluation board by other similar board of Toradex, the USB and Keyboard+Maus was working well. It means evaluation board is OK. Than Toradex T30 boad is somehow damaged.
Is it a hardware defect or could be some software problem?

Thanks in advance

Please try to clear the registry and reset your module most probably your USB should start working.

Also, can you tell us which Colibri evaluation board version you are working on ?

If you are using V3.1 then you need to do some minor hardware changes on the carrier board.
You need to replace R102 and R103 resistors (22R) to 0R resistors. We have observed in some of modules that sometimes USB pins drive strength are not enough to drive USB lines, if you replace these mentioned resistors then you should not face any issues.

Thanks for reply,

Our Evaluation board is Version V3.2A (Col Evaluation). I used Collibti T30, USB was working for many days OK. But recently while updating of Images (using Update.exe in windCE) it happens after rebote,t hat new Image starts properly but no USB (USB as Mause Keyboard).
The development board V3.2A is OK, becasue other weaker Collibtri Modules(T20) has no problem with USB, of course has other OS-Image. Only Module T30 has USB-Problem.
How can I clean Registry, do you means using COM port? I used Clear Registry from flash. But it has not helped.

As your USB’s are not working, then only way to clear registry is through eboot prompt on serial terminal, check this article :

Check: “C Clear Flash Registry” option.

I reseted registry via Comport. But it has not changed anything.alt text

On the other hand, As I was using to set IP and Subnet mask too, after setting to desired IP and Saveconfig, there was not any PING possible. I started to use ColibriLoader.exe in case of loading OS into RAM via Ethernet. It has not work too.
Is pinging into desireg IP address is designed for this Module T30?
Which protocol ColibriLoader.exe is susung for updating new Image nk.bin into Flash? is it TFTP?
USB is still not working too.



What is the original version of the image you used and what is the version you want to update to?
To clear the registry you have to press C and then L.

Could you once check the hw.prodid in the bootloader menue? What value do you see there? We had an issue about that with older Update Tool version, which should be fixed with Update Tool 6.0.5 .