Mounting problem new generation micro-SD cards under T30 linux core

We are using Colibri T30 with an old linux core from 2012. We are using this system for many years now and are upgrading the micro-SD for service purposes. Baseboard is designed with a 3.3VDC power. We now forced to use a new generation 64GB, UHS ultra high speed micro-SD. We experience these cards are not always recognized and mounted. This depends on brand / type of card as well as size and speed. Are there any know issues related to downwards compatibility on micro-SD card generations and the use in combination with an old T30 core ? are there any known kernel patches related to this issue.

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Thanks for posting to our community. Can you please confirm us the following information?

  • Which exact Colibri T30 version do you use?
  • Is your image based on BSP 2.8.7? This was the latest LTS for this module: Embedded Linux Release Matrix | Toradex Developer Center
  • Do you use any Toradex Carrier Board? If so, can you please share the model and if not the schematics for the Micro SD part?
  • Did you do any kernel/change configuration?
  • Have you customized your image? If so, what changes have been done?

From the datasheet (section 5.16), it states that the T30 should be compatible with:

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-Used colibri T30 1.1e, we used multiple versions 2012 untill now.
-This test was done on a 1.1e module with kernel 3.1.10-T30A1102v2.3.2. It showed inconsequent mounting micro SD cards. We have tested this with a new generation card Samsung Evo plus MB-MC64K result mounting is inconsequent. T30 Unit under test does not show problems if an older type samsung evo 64G (MB-MP64D) micro-SD is used or a transcent SDHC class 4.
-Circuit SD-card will be uploaded, this remained unchanged over multiple baseboard generations. We did add back-drive circuit to prevent DC voltage feedback from HDMI monitors in later product releases, this was alos implemented in unit under test.
-Most units installed in the field have an older frozen software release based on 2.3 kernel and are equiped with a samsung evo 64G (MB-MP64D) micro-SD card which does not show any problems.
-We did do multiple changes in IO configuration as well as kernels (2.3 as well as 3.1.1)
Schematic T30 SD card connection.pdf (235.5 KB)

Hi @markvdp ,

Would it be possible for you to test that on any Toradex Carrier Board, to check if you face the same behaviour?

I see that you’re forced to use 64GB UHS. What cards did you use before, without any issue?

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