Module "QtQuick.VirtualKeyboard" is not installed

Hello After the build of the tool chain to get started my application in colibri imx6 (using angstrom-lxde-image with LinuxImageV2.7) I got the error message above in starting my QML application: “module “QtQuick.VirtualKeyboard” is not installed”, even if i added the following lines to local.conf to enable Qt .

IMAGE_INSTALL_append ="qtbase \ qtbase-plugins \ qtdeclarative \ qt3d \ qtgraphicaleffects \ qtconnectivity \ qtquickcontrols \ qtquick1 \ qtimageformats \ qtenginio \ qtlocation \ qtmultimedia \ qtsensors \ qtscript \ qtserialport \ qtsvg \ qtcanvas3d \ qttranslations \ qtsystems \ qtxmlpatterns \ qttools \ cinematicexperience \ "

can you help me please. what i should change or to add to this file to install this module.

Did you try adding qtvirtualkeyboard?

shall i add qtvirtualkeyboard to local.conf in IMAGE_INSTALL_append="qtvirtualkeyboard " ?
Thanks for your answer

Yes, you need to add it to IMAGE_INSTALL_append, the same way you have specified other Qt components.

Thanks a lot I’ll try to add it and rerun the build.