Modification on Toradex Easy Installer

Is it possible to modify Toradex Easy Installer to remove or Disable Erase flash, Feed, RNDIS options ?

Hello Gowthami,

To customize the Toradex Easy Installer is right now not possible but it might be that what you want to do is already possible.
Can you explain what you exactly want to do?

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Matthias Gohlke

@ matthias.tx
We want to disable the below options from the Toradex Installer UI

  • Erase flash

  • Feed


Yes we support all of these features.

please read the documentation.

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Hello @matthias.tx

I failed to see which part of Documentation has the above information.

Kindly direct me to required information.

Well, if you look at the Toradex easy installer Gui you see the buttons right away.

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Hello @matthias.tx

Yes i can see the buttons (Erase flash, Feed ,RNDIS) but the requirement here is how to disable those buttons from Toradex Installer GUI.

Using [Toradex Easy Installer ] we can load the Toradex Easy Installer succesfully and modify the OS image not the Toradex Easy Insaller GUI.

Our requirement is to remove the below options from the Toradex Easy Installer GUI. Kindly guide us it is a field requirement.

1. Erase flash

2. Feed


Hello @ritesh.tx @ashok.tx

Kindly requesting to look at the Issue.

Hi @Gowthami !

The GUI Application that is part of the Toradex Easy Installer is closed-source, so it is not available for modifications.

The modifications available are listed in the Documentation tab of the Toradex Easy Installer article.

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