Modbus Slave RTU preferably in python

I need to write a code to make a Colibri iMX7 as a Modbus slave through one of the UARTs. I’m having a lot of trouble to find examples for that on google. Ideally it would be in Python, but c is ok too. Currently I was able to make it as a Modbus Master using minimalmodbus pkg in python. I was able to write and read through UART-C (/dev/ttymxc2). So is there any examples to get me started? ?

well I know, but I would like first to find something in python

hi Lucas

Please have a look here.

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Thanks Jaski, I actually tried Pymodbus but it has too many dependencies I was finally able to do it using modbus-tk pkg, really simple to do using it.


Perfect that you found a solution.
Thanks for your feedback.

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