Mmc/sd detections issue on Colibri VF 50

My system cannot detect the micro-SD card when I inserted it in.
There is no files in /media/ folder.
There is no mmc /dev/ folder.

found the following files in the whole system relating mmc.

root@ECU:/media# find / -name "*mmc*"

How do I access the mmc in my system? Do I need to add it in the device tree?
Please help.

Perfect. Thanks for letting us know.

How does your custom carrier board implement the micro SD card slot especially concerning the card detect? What exact software version are you running? Could you attach the full serial debug console boot log as a textual file? You may also check the following article on our developer website for more information:

Dumping the status of all GPIOs with the card detect one being of special interest may also prove helpful:

cat /sys/debug/kernel/gpios

Issue solved now. After adding &esdhc1 in device tree, I can access the mmc. thank you for the help