Missing header files in SDK

I upgraded from BSP 2.7 to 2.8b3. Now when i build the SDK via ‘-c populate_sdk’ some header files are missing, e.g. the boost libraries are there but not the corresponding headers. I did not change my image recipe but the built SDK is alot smaller than with BSP2.7. Am i missing something?
There are some waring like:

do_populate_sdk: Unable to install packages.
wpa-supplicant-dbg libsocketcan-dev libxcb-dev bluez5-dbg ptpd-dbg busybox-dbg libxdmcp-dbg iperf3-dev' returned 1:
mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/home/root’: Permission denied
Collected errors:
 * Solver encountered 1 problem(s):
 * Problem 1/1:
 *   - nothing provides linux-firmware-qca needed by linux-firmware-1:0.0+git0+bf04291309-r0.all
 * Solution 1:
 *   - do not ask to install a package providing linux-firmware-dev

hi @qojote

Could you share your changes in local.conf and in other files when you build the image? Additionally please share also a complete compilation log in a file? Thanks.

Please find attached my local.conf. Where can i find the complete SDK compilation log?

Problem solved. I had to remove some custom recipes (one that copied files into /home/root and one that included linux-firmware-qca).

Perfect, that it works. So you have added some custom recipes to the image?

Yes, i am using a custom layer and image recipe which is based on console-tdx-image. Its confusing when everything works well with one BSP version and stops working after upgrade. There were indeed some more problems, e.g. that svn is missing in the hosttools so when there is a SVN recipe with AUTOREV then the parsing fails with “/usr/bin/env svn missing”.

Thanks for this Information.
Could you describe us all the changes you had to make your custom layer work?

Did you follow the Yocto Migration Guilde?