Mismatch in BoM in website vs schematics for ixora carrier board ver 1.1A

Helle Toradex,

There seems to be a mismatch between the downloaded BoM from Toradex website & the BoM generated from schematics of ixora board ver1.1A.
I am attaching the downloaded BoM in PDF & the generated bom in .xlsx format. I have also marked the components in red in the excel file which are not matching with the BoM uploaded by Toradex in their website.

We are in process of designing a carrier board based on ixora carrier board, but this issue has blocked us. Could you please point us in the right direction regarding this issue? Maybe let us know what is odd here… are the schematics file not latest?

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Dear @varunmohan4892, thanks a lot for the interest in our product and to use the Toradex Developer Community.
You are definitely right, there are some differences between the components contained in the Altium Project and the BOM listed in the reference designs page.
The reason for that is because the BOM is exported from Altium and then optimized with our EMS. The changes are not then fed back to the Altium project because they are normally only minor changes like IT rated components, components with higher availability and so on.
I would recommend checking the differences and identify the components which make more sense for your EMS, this will definitely not be problematic.
I hope that I managed to clarify your doubts, please don’t hesitate to use again the community if needed.