MIPI DSI output on Dahlia + Verdin DSI Display Adapter

I have the following hw setup
Dahlia board + Verdin DSI Display Adapter
SOM: i.MX8M Plus
Riverdi 10.1 MIPI DSI display

I currently have no video output, while using the yocto multimedia reference image.

I assume I need to enable one of the display overlays. But I am missing to find out which one, or maybe I need to create one myself.

Can you give me some pointers where to look?



Hello @Bob_Messiaen,

Since version 6.5.0 of the BSP and of Torizon OS an overlay for the Riverdi 10.1" MIPI DSI display is available.

The documentation will soon be updated to reflect this.

The overlay for the Verdin iMX8MP, in BSP 6.5.0 is currently verdin-imx8mp_panel-cap-touch-10inch-dsi_overlay.dtbo.
You can set this on your overlays.txt file and after a reboot the display should work as expected.

Best Regards,


Thank you Bruno