MIPI-CSI camera compatibility

We are currently developing a microscope with a camera sensor on a Jetson Nano for prototyping. We will probably switch to an Apalis TK1 board for the industrialization. I’m now testing MIPI-CSI cameras and would like to know if it’s possible to know if it will be compatible with the toradex board once we switch to it. The MIPI-CSI is apparently not everywhere similar since the raspbi HQ camera works on the raspberry pi but not on the Jetson Nano

Dear @barleo

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At the same time we received your request on our support email address. Let me directly answer here. Unfortunately we don’t have any documentation or list of which MIPI-CSI cameras are compatible to our modules or not. Currently we only support our CSI Camera Module 5MP OV5640 and we have an article about how to use it with our boards. But as already mentioned from your side, it is different from one model to the other and it’s possible that your evaluated camera is not compatible. You will need to check if your camera driver is available in the BSP version you plan to use. With the Apalis TK1, you have the possibility to use the mainline kernel, which may support more models.

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