Minor pin label mistake in imx8qxp-apalis.dtsi?


I have been going through the device tree files in linux-toradex.git and realized a potential conflict of information in imx8qxp-apalis.dtsi. Line 612 and 613 describes pin group for Apalis I2C2 (DDC), where pads:


are labelled “MXM3 205” and “MXM3 207” respectively. This seems to disagree with the labels on the Apalis Evaluation Board and Toradex Pinout Designer (where MXM3 205 is SDA and MXM3 207 is SCL instead). I have yet to test the I2C2 interface, but I’m inclined to believe the latter is correct. Is it possible for someone to help look into this?

Many thanks.

Yes, you are right, 205 is SDA and 207 is SCL. Good catch, thank you. We will fix comments in a next release.