Minimum glass to glass latency

Hi all,
I am in an evaluation phase for an imx8mp SOM from another vendor. My user case is streaming video from MIPI-CSI image sensor to LVDS or HDMI display, with graphic overlay. the image sensor is gray scale, so no color processing is required and no other ISP processing is needed. My main requirements are low power and low latency from sensor to display. Latency of sub frame (couple of lines) is desired.
The vendor I am evaluating now can only provide a latency of 120ms in the use case. Can I achieve better latency with Toradex SOM? What would be the latency I can achieve?

I appreciate any comment on my question

The glass to glass latency depends on very many factors like camera interface, display interface, display itself, resolution etc.

We don’t have any numbers but some customer reports about 1ms latency if no decoding is required.

Hi Alex,
Thank you for your support.
How is it possible to control the ISP for bypassing? Can it be done using GStream commands?

Please check the iMX8 gstreamer guide fir details./