Mender integration for colibri IMX6ULL

For those interested, I’ve submitted a PR on the mender repos. It adds support for Mender on the colibri imx6ull SOM.

I smoke tested it and it works, please feel free to test it and comment, submit changes, etc.

Hello rsanchez,

thank you for sharing!

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Hello @rsanchez

Thank you for your work!
I also tested it and it works.

My problem is that, after adding other packages and applications needed for my project I only got 6MB left. So I’ll probably have to opt for meta-updater and OSTree.

Hi @giobauermeister
Thank you for testing it.

And yes, unfortunately using mender implies disregarding half of the flash space, so is not suitable for every project. I’m now in a similar situation also, so probably will give it a go to to OSTree as well.


if you want to use OS Tree check out our Torizion OS that is using OSTree.

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Matthias Gohlke

For those interested on Mender:

The pull request including the colibri imx6ull integration has been merged into the meta-mender-community repo in “dunfell” branch. So it can now be considered as an official integration.

thanks thats good