Memory usage of Torizon OS

I’ve just installed my first Verdin iMX8M-Plus QuadLite 1GB RAM + 8GB Flash and I installed Torizon OS Quarterly 6.4.0+build.5 without evaluation container.
The RAM usage of Torizon OS itself is 436M/973M (45% more or less)

It seems a little bit high for a device which has only 1GB of RAM.

Question for Toradex engineers: is this an expected metrics?
Is there space to optimize this usage?

Greetings @vix,

I just checked and although I’m on a 4GB variant I see a similar memory usage of ~420M or so. I went back and checked on 5.7.2 and I see a similar level of memory usage their as well. That at least tells me this has been about the same for a while now. Therefore this doesn’t seem specific for the 6.4.0 release.

I see docker/container related processes take up a decent chunk of this used memory. Stopping these processes helps things a bit though there’s still quite a bit of used memory spread through various processes. Also stopping docker kind of defeats the purpose somewhat.

Let me bring this up internally for discussion.

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The same build 6.4.0+build.5 for a Verdin iMX8M-Mini has an usage or more or less 200 MB.
Last week I met @stefano.tx and @sergio.tx and it seems that the usage is somehow related to a huva amount of memory reserved by Linux,cma
If this is true, it doesn’t match what is listed here in the Toradex KB.

I have done a quick test on Verdin iMX8MP.

One culprit is the kernel CMA feature.

If you run the commands below at the bootloader prompt, the memory consumption is cut by half:

setenv tdxargs cma=0

CMA is configured in the device tree at the BSP level. Changing this might have side effects (e.g. GPU not working properly).

There might be also other possible improvements at the user space level.

Sergio Prado

Thank you @sergio.tx
I’ll wait for a detailed investigation (and a fix, hopefully) from the Torizon OS Dev team

Hi @vix !

FYI, the investigation related to this topic is still ongoing.

We will send an update here one we have some information to share.

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