Memory leak with Mobile Device Center connection?

While investigating a memory leak I found an unexpected behavior and I’d like sharing my thoughts.

I have a Colibri VF61 V1.2A with the official Win CE6 1.5 downloaded from Toradex website.
Every time I plug USB cable in X29 connector of Evaluation Board V3.2A, Windows Mobile Center pops up on my Win 7 laptop.

On Colibri module I launched Start >> Control Panel >> System Poperties and I switched to “Memory” tab.

I noticed that every time I plug the USB cable, the Program Memory In Use

increases a little bit (and this is OK); when I unplug the cable, the memory decreases but never back to the original value.

With other words, every USB plug/unplug cycle increases a little bit the memory “In Use” (more or less 50 kB).

Could this be an issue for a device which must run 24/7?

In my use case I use the Windows Mobile Device Center to share files between a PC and the device, and so I’m worried about this memory leak.

I understand that other users could have different needs, but a fix would be necessary for me.

Moreover I see that this topic has been closed because I opened a different one here.
This is not true because this memory leak happens with USBOTG driver too (not only UFN). The problem in the other topic is related to UFN only.

Dear @vix

Thank you for reporting this isssue. I was able to reproduce it here in our office.
In general a memory leak is an issue for longterm stability. However, the Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) connectivity is a feature that our customers use almost only during the development phase. Therefore we treat this particular problem to be uncritical, so we will process it with low priorty only.

Let us know if your use case is different and you need a fix soon.

Regards, Andy

Dear @vix

I reopened the ticket. We are testing in parallel, whether the memory leak in the UFN driver has the same reason as this one.

Do you have a schedule until when you would need a fix?

Regards, Andy

Hello @andy.tx

the best option from my side would be having a fix next week.

I know this is a short time, but I spent a lot of time investigating the crash when I thought it was a problem in my application.

I’m sure Toradex will do the best to help me (as already done in the past).


let me know as soon as you have news

Dear @vix,

We found a memory leak in part of active sync service application(rnaapp.exe). It is Microsoft code. Could you please wait for some more days, we need to do little more investigation and let you know the update as soon as we done.

Thank you.

Hi @raja.tx,

do you have news on this topic?

Dear @vix,

Sorry for the delayed response. We are working on this and let you know some update by this weekend.

Dear @vix,

Thank you for your patience. We spent some time to analysis the memory leak issue. We are unable to find the root cause of the memory leak during Active sync connection launch and terminate with all the available tools.

The amount of memory leaking is not that big, it was on CE 7 Vybrid vf 61 arround 12kbyte per loop (when plugged out, the memory increased by 12 kb with each plug in / plug out loop).

There are some process launching during active sync connection establishment and not terminating after disconnecting the cable. There must be something like a message queue or any other shared resource not freeing and which is untraceable through the tools.

Please let us know how much important this issue for your use case.

Also, Did you conclude this issue: I guess if this is solved then active sync memory leak is not a big concern for you.

Thank you for all your effort.

Hi @raja.tx
I agree with you and since we solved the biggest issue this memory leakage is not so important.
I can stay with it.