Medical products

I’m a sales of TRADEX partner in japan.
I have to reply the question from our customer who has medical products.
It’s a question about electrical borad of Tradex.
They asked us about ability of using for medical products.
Maybe, They want to use tradex for their medical products.
TRADEX Home page doesn’t have any information about experiences of medical products.
Thanks for reading.

Dear @Yosuke_Hosayama , thanks for reaching Toradex!

As a general information, Toradex latest boards have NXP SoCs with A and M cores that can handle critical tasks for medical use. If you have an specific case, we can further discuss. However, our products don’t have any medical certification: Each customer has to certify the final product.

Here you have more information about Toradex in medical products:

Also we have a success stories: More info about this customer that uses Toradex products:

Additionally, we recently had several customers that used our products in “artificial ventilators” to help with COVID19 patients.

Hope this helps.