Maximum total resolution Colibri T20

Dear community.

I am a bit confused regarding the maximal total display resolution on Colibri T20 when running Linux.

In [1] it is stated that the maximum is 2048x2048 and that it is a hardware limitation. I accept that :).

In [2] there is a video demo (at the bottom of the page) that runs a dual-screen setup (1080p on both VGA and HDMI) on a Colibri T20 running Windows. Whaat? :slight_smile:

Does anyone have a good explanation to this? Where is the limitation of the 2048 pixels on Linux?



Hi Mirza

Nothing to be confused about. The limitation actually has to do with OpenGL ES surfaces as far as I recall. The way NVIDIA implemented their X driver and OpenGL ES on top of it one is bound to this limitation. However nobody stops you from running one of them display interfaces outside of X (e.g. just using the raw framebuffer directly or one of them video overlays). That way even with Linux one can output dual full HD content. Alternatively one can run NVIDIA’s proprietary X driver in mirror mode which BTW is the default but then of course both displays/screens will show identical content.



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