Marwell PCIe to SATA controller 88SE-9215 not detected

Hi Toradex,

We have PCIe to SATA controller(88SE-9215) on PCIe bus which is not detecting but other PCIe device are detecting.

As per Marwell’s information we modified the to kernel config


But After this also not detected.
Please help on this.

Kernel version: uname -a

Linux apalis-imx6-medha 5.4.77-5.1.0-devel+git.8fc7bd5da76f #1 SMP Mon Nov 30 08:44:04 UTC 2020 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux

Thanks & Regards,
Narayana Swamy M

Hi Narayana Swamy,

Thanks for contacting Toradex community

Can you please also share below details in order to understand issue

Are you testing on Apalis evaluation board, if not kindly test with same and see if that works for you.

Please share output of below command

lspci -vvv


journalctl | grep pci

Also have you already checked below post

Best Regards

Ritesh Kumar

Hi Ritish,

Plese find details below .

lspci -vvv

pcie journal log



In detail you mentioned Apalis iMX6Q, but from the logs it seems you are using Apalis iMX8.
Kindly provide complete detail of the setup you are testing and interface attaching. From logs your device is not detected on PCIe.

Are you testing with custom baseboard ?

What is version of module and hardware you are using?

What are the changes done in image?

Can you try with default Toradex image?

Are you using any evaluation board for the PCie to SATA adapter?

Please check known issue below concerning to PCIe and iMX8

Since we do not have hardware(PCIe to SATA) to test, it is hard to tell from here what went wrong. So kindly share complete details in order provide any help.

Best Regards

Ritesh Kumar