Manual software installation without internet connection


I have successfully managed to flash the demo image “Linux LXDE Image 2.8” onto an iMX7 Dual 512 MB in combination with a Viola board.

My question now is: Is it possible to install additional software packages like node-red, python or python-packages manually without an internet connection?
Is there any website I can download packages on a host computer for the corresponding hardware platform and install it through opkg?
I think on Raspberry Pi such a manual installation was possible without problems, is this also the case for Colibri modules with Angstrom?

Thank you.

Hi @msx23

Thanks for writing to the Toradex Community!

Perfect that you installed the Linux LXDE Image 2.8. In Bsp 2.8, there is the possibility to install the packages using opkg update && opkg install <package name>. If the SoM is connected to internet, then the software packages existing on the Angstrom Feeds Server will be downloaded and installed on the SoM.

The missing software packages can be built manually using Open-embedded Build.

Further it is important to mention that Starting from Bsp 3.0 we removed the Feeds from our demo Image. But you can still include them yourself and also create a local Feeds Server.

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