Mallow + Verdin iMX8M mini DualLite + Capacitive Touch Display 10.1’’ DSI

hi Toradex!

I’m struggling to get image on my screen with this setup…
small resume:
I have a Verdin Ev.Board and Verdin iMX8M mini working fine, and I can install all the images available from the Easy Installer. The problem is whenjumping to Mallow + Verdin iMX8M mini… I get no image on the DSI connector (connected to a Riverdi 10" DSI display). Display is correctly powered from Mallow, as I can measure 5V on it.
I’ve tried to install both Easy Installer 5.7.5 + 6.5.0 with the Ev.Board and switch to Verdin iMX8M mini to Mallow to be sure it was correctly installed, but no image on screen with both versions (Mallow + Verdin iMX8M mini).
Mallow + Verdin iMX8M mini setip seems to working as I can enter Recovery mode and correctly launch recovery app on windows.

What I’m I missing here?

Hello @amartins ,
The overlay for the Riverdi 10’’ display is not enabled by default.
You can change the default overlay as explained here:

The overlay you should use is verdin-imx8mm_panel-cap-touch-10inch-dsi_overlay.dtbo

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Hello @amartins ,
Do you have any news on this topic?

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sorry for late reply.
It worked just fine on a Torizon image, but I did not succeed to have it working on the Easy Installer image…

Hi @amartins !

Could you please share more details on why you would need to have the DSI display working with Toradex Easy Installer?

For production programming, the interest is usually to have an automated installation process, which is explained in this article:

For completeness, this is for Torizon OS:

In those cases, you wouldn’t need to enable the display on Toradex Easy Installer.

If your use case is to just test some/your OS image with Mallow, you can use the VNC capability of Toradex Easy Installer:

So you also won’t need to enable the display.

If you really need to enable the display, you can follow the article shared by @josep.tx. But keep in mind that you will need to first flash your modified Toradex Easy Installer and then flash your desired OS image.

Usually, there is no much benefit to it.

Let us know if this helps you :slight_smile:

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