Make image of apalis imx6


I am working with the Eagle board from Diamond Systems that has apalis imx6 on it. You’ve helped me several times with it in the past.

The apalis imx6 that came in the kit was version V1.1B with an old bsp version. You’ve mentioned several times that I should update the bsp (Serial ports on Apalis imx6/Eagle Board from Diamond System), but I’m not sure I can do that because there are special drivers from Diamond Systems on it and I don’t want to lose the software setup.

I bought some extra apalis imx6 V1.1C to go with the Eagle base board because some don’t work. Diamond Systems hasn’t upgraded their board with this version.

What I will have is two Eagle base boards with an apalis imx6 v1.1b and one Eagle base board with an apalis imx6 v1.1c. The software content of those boards should be identical. I also have an additional v1.1c board that doesn’t have a base board to go with it.

You helped me copy the content of an apalis imx6 v1.1b onto a v1.1c here: Update Apalix imx6 image with UMS procedure

With version v1.1b, I used the UMS procedure for backup. But I don’t think that will be possible with v1.1c. It’s mentioned here How to Clone Embedded Linux on eMMC Based Toradex Modules that cloning the content of the eMMC is not possible anymore.

So I’m wondering: how can I easily copy the image from a v1.1c to a v1.1b (or even v1.1c to v1.1c) without having to go through yocto or torizon?

I would like to be able to work on a board that has v1.1c, copy the image, put it on the other boards that are v1.1c and v1.1b… while still being able to do the same with the v1.1b: copy the image and put on the other v1.1c and the v1.1b.

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uname -a info: Linux apalis-imx6 3.14.52-00009-g786c368 #20 SMP Sat Jun 17 11:27:18 IST 2017 armv7l GNU/Linux

hardware: The board I’m working with is EGL-MX6-Q2G-XT from Diamond System. It’s an ARM SBC using Toradex Apalis iMX6.

Hi @JG2, hope you’re doing fine!

Could you explain to me a little bit more what your objective is with that?
You just want the same OS on both modules but you don’t have the source files to create this image anymore, am I correct?

Unfortunately, as you mentioned, this method is deprecated, so we don’t support it anymore. I think there is no easy/safe way for you to do that. As you mentioned, your kernel and BSP are very old and are also not supported anymore.
Is there any possible way for you to use Torizon or Yocto to accomplish your objective?

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Hi @JG2, how are you?

Do you have any news on that topic? Have you been able to build your own image?

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I’m so sorry, I thought I’d replied.

I managed to make an image of the V1.1C and put it on the V1.1B using the UMS procedure, so I am happy.

I’m not sure I could use Torizon or Yocto… It’s not clear for me whether I can use them to copy everything from eMMC instead of starting from scratch.

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Hi @JG2,

I’m glad you could get your image using the UMS. So I’ll tag your answer as the solution.

About your questions, however, I’d like to clarify a few points:

  1. TorizonCore is one of our distributions. It’s open-source and designed in a way that most of the image customization process could be abstracted from Yocto allowing for a faster development process and better time to market. Torizon also relies mostly on Containers and this may help you ensure that if one thing works on one machine it may work on every machine running Torizon with an equivalent architecture. However, if you’re using an old BSP if you want to have an image with Torizon you’d need to port your whole application to a containerized environment. With Torizon, we also provide an OTA Platform and a few extensions to help you develop your projects using VSCode, for instance (TorizonCore - Easy-to-use Industrial Linux Platform).
  2. YoctoProject is also open-source but it’s not an Operational System. Instead, it is a system of tools that helps you create your own images and distributions customizing drivers, packages and so on. In that sense, Toradex makes available a few sets of layers that could be used with Yocto to build our reference BSP Images (Embedded Linux - Yocto - Toradex BSP Support).

So, if you never used them to create your images before it might not help you to achieve your final goal but it’d be great if you could use one of these tools in the future to create your images. You can find at our a few tutorials on how to use each of these tools.

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