MACHINE ?= "colibri-t30" -- command not found

Am trying to setup open embedded core for colibri vf61, following the procedure given in the link High performance, low power Embedded Computing Systems | Toradex Developer Center. i got stuck in MACHINE ?= “colibri-vf” cmd… i have given correct name of my module… still am getting command not found error.

As mentioned in this article, here the MACHINE ?= variable is to be set in local.conf file not to run directly via command line, I would suggest to read the documentation throughly.

What version is repo synced to? Please share the exact error log? It is possible to specify the name of the module from command line while building image as well

MACHINE=colibri-vf bitbake angstrom-lxde-image

What @bhuvan.tx meant is that the question mark syntax is meant to go into config/script files which may be overridden while the hard equal sign syntax is meant to go on the command line.