MAC Address and Serial Number

I know that the module serial number is used as part of the MAC address. I need to change the MAC address from the Toradex assigned value to one assigned to my company. I noticed that when I use the library function SetMACAddress() that it does set the MAC address as expected, but it also changes the module serial number returned by the library function GetBoardSerial(). That must been that the two library functions GetMACAddress() and GetBoardSerial() must be accessing the same piece of data in the config block. I would prefer to be able to change the MAC address while keeping the reply to GetBoardSerial() unchanged so that it matches the sticker on the module. Is that possible?

You are right, the MAC address is directly interlinked with the board serial number. There is a developer website entry about this topic.

You can workaround this on the T20 and T30 by just modify the according registry entry. After you clear the registry or boot the first time, this value is written by the OS. After that you can manually modify the NetworAddress field in the registry at [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Comm\AX88772B1\Params]. Don’t forget to save the registry after editing (see also here).

Actually, I really like that workaround. I’ll just edit the registry to set the MAC address instead of calling SetMACAddress(), and that way I don’t need to change the data in the config block so the Toradex assigned serial number and MAC address will still be there, but they will be over-ridden by the registry.