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We are in process of developing a Firmware for m4core in vf61 which will run parallel with Qt application (UI). We have an olimex Debugger for debugging the m4core. We already referred the link Antmicro · Debugging the Cortex-M4 core on the Vybrid SoC with OpenOCD for debugging.

Is there a method to setup a debugging enviornment in an SDK ( QT , eclipse or any…) where we can debug the code in real time manner by assigning break points?

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Assuming that witih SDK you mean IDE.

With some setup and configuration work using QtCreator or Eclipse along with OpenOCD should be possible. We do not have ready made how-tos. For Colibri iMX7 there are how-tos online, e.g. Tutorial: Building FreeRTOS Applications for ARM Cortex-M4 on i.MX7 with Eclipse.

Commercial IDEs typically provide a better out-of-the-box experience, e.g. ARM KEILs DS-MDK.

@stefan.tx , I have a same scenario where I want to develop an application on m4 core and UI on A7 in my imx7d som.

If I want to monitor and debug the code during development then what I understand from your above reply and after following toradex developer portal is that it is possible to debug m4 core program/firmware by using eclipse IDE and available debug probe in market. What is the tested solution on this platform?

It would be helpful if you can share the possible options for debugging m4 core program.

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Sorry for the delayed answer. Did you have a look here?