M4 debug using Ulink2 & Eclipse

We are using Colibri iMX7 for developing a high speed DAQ product. We shifted from iMX6 to iMX7 to gain the advantage of M4 core for Real Time Data Acquisition.
We have already compiled some example codes for M4 in eclispse and copied the .elf file into the boot folder and it worked fine. For the product development we need to used a JTAG programmer to directly program the M4 core and analyse step by step. We are Ulink2 JTAG programmer and Eclispe IDE.
We followed this link for M4 debugging using Ulink debugger.

Since we are new at product development we couldn’t afford ARM DS. Can you help me with doing the same with Eclipse IDE? The debug configuration in Eclipse somewhat differs from ARM DS. Moreover the link explains with Ulink pro D debug adapter whereas we have Ulink 2. Hope that won’t make difference.

Thank You for your time.

Dear @goofy

Providing tutorials for dozens of possible development environments combined with all available JTAG adapters is simply not possible for us.

I recommend the following two options:

  1. If you google for “arm eclipse m4” you can find a number of tutorials which explain how to setup this your development environment.

  2. If you are looking for a low-cost development environment, try Visual Studio Code along with an FTDI-based JTAG adapter such as the “Olimex ARM-USB-OCD-H”. This is a set which we tested. A tutorial is available on our developer website:

Regards, Andy