M4 core of Colibri vf61


I’m using Toradex Colibri VF61 (Col. Evaluation Board V3.2A) Bsp Version LinuxImageV2.6. I had installed freeRTOS on my m4core. Please provide me the following:

  1. How to program ADC on m4 core.
  2. How to program SPI on m4 core.
  3. How to program GPIO on m4 core.
  4. How to program UART on m4 core.

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HI Steven

Please have a look here.

Best regards, Jaski

Hi @jaski.tx

Had a look there. But don’t have any explanation on ADC or SPI. Please help me out !

Thank you for your response.

Unfortunately we do not have any examples available showing ADC or SPI usage.

Hi @marcel.tx

Oh!! Okay. But It would be better if you can provide me the same. I got stuck on how to do the SPI or ADC on VF61.

I guess you could either look at the Linux driver sources or may find some simpler examples in the older MQX or eCos sources.

Hi @marcel.tx

Thank you for your response. It would be very helpful if you could provide me any link of the website you mentioned above.

MQX is a Freescale/NXP thing which we never officially supported. This would be the dspi driver in eCos.

Hi @marcel.tx

So, Is this driver applicable in freeRTOS also?

No, as mentioned before we do NOT have any examples being directly applicable but rather than you having to develop a driver from scratch just looking at the SoC data sheet you may find those eCos or MQX sources helpful. Alternatively you may also contact one of our partner network companies.

Hi @marcel.tx

Okay. I Will look into it. Thank you for your support.

You are very welcome.

Hi @marcel.tx

Is there any way to use UART 0,1 and 2 at the same time to connect different peripherals (using freeRTOS in m4 core). If yes, how?

I don’t see why this should not be possible but I also don’t think we at Toradex ever tested anything other than using a single debug UART. Most possibly the platform initialisation stuff for the other UARTs is missing and would have to be added. So the implementation effort should really be moderate.

Hi @marcel.tx,

Thanks for your reply. Now can you please assist me for doing ADC in freeRTOS(since Toradex officially supports freeRTOS).

Thanks for your reply.

You are very welcome.

Now can you please assist me for doing ADC in freeRTOS(since Toradex officially supports freeRTOS).

Sure, what exactly is it that you are trying to achieve (exact use case)?

Hi @marcel.tx,

Need to connect a sensor on Colibri VF61, so it is required to have ADC. It would be helpful if you can provide ADC driver in cortex m4(freeRTOS). Already had a look through freeRTOS directory downloaded from your site, but there is no details on ADC in VF61.

hi steven,

as already mentioned we do not have any examples for the ADC driver.