LZ4 for WinCE


We require LZ4 compression for one of our application and we are not able to find its port on Win CE.
We have already used Zlib but it does not meets our requirement.

Is there any LZ4 port available for Win CE ?
Please guide us to use LZ4 compression in our application.


The LZ4 algorithm is under BSD 2 license so you could integrate it into your WinCE application. Source code is available here.

Thanks Alex.

I want to know few more things,
Does Toradex OS image is build with catalogue item compression ?

Does WinCE supports compression API like it is available in win32 ?

We have tried to add compression.h in our wince application but it throws error.


Hi @bipin7301 ,

There is compression support in all out standard images, but that is only used internally for compressed filesystem support (objectstore only) as far as i know…

If you have access to Platform Builder, there is a cecompress.lib and cecompress.h that you could use.
Unfortunately this is not part of the SDK, so you really need to have Platform Builder installed.