LVDS iMX8 Boot2Qt 5.14.1

Hello, I want to know how to add a new LVDS resolution (or change existing one) in Boot2Qt image (Qt 5.14.1, License). The official documentation does not provide boot arg for LVDS related to iMX8, changing the device tree file does not affect anything, may I did something wrong with the device tree (i follow all examples in documentation). I tried to apply iMX6/iMX7 boot args but nothing changed.

May it is caused by the kernel version which is about 3k commits behind the last one in Boot2Qt image?

Our display is AUO G121XN01 V

May I should apply this patch and then modify the device tree file?

Dear @Xamix

In theory it should be possible to change the resolution first by modifying the devicetree as documented in this article:

Then you probably also have to select the correct mode in /etc/kms.conf as described by Qt in this article:

To be on the latest Toradex kernel you can just update meta-toradex-bsp from the boot2qt meta layers to tag Apalis-iMX8_Console-Image_3.0b3.118-20200101.