LVDS Connecter not showing in rootfs

Hello, I am trying to boot the customized kernel in Apalis IMX8 board with Ixora V1.2 Carrier board. I am using the linux kernel version toradex_5.15-2.0.x-imx. Issue I am facing is when I connect my Display with LVDS connector on carrier board my display is getting light up and shows blue screen but when I got to /sys/class/drm/ I did not get to see any card for LVDS connector. I don’t know what is the issue. Also I don’t want to use LVDS overlay provided by the toradex. Any help regarding this will be much thankful.

To enable the LVDS functionality , you need to configure your system. This can be achieved: by applying the provided device tree overlay, by making modifications directly to the Device Tree itself, or alternatively, embedding configuration data into the relevant drivers. However, the latter method is discouraged due to its inherent drawbacks.
If you don’t want to use LVDS overlay provided by the Toradex (BTW why?) the only recommended approach is to incorporate specific data from the overlay into the Device Tree.