LVDS and Mallow Carrier Board

I am integrating the Verdin imx8m plus and mallow carrier board into a project and I have a few questions regarding the LVDS connection.

(1) Is the mallow carrier board compatible with the 10.1” Capacitive Touch Display Panel that is sold in the accessories (PN: 1212)?

(2) Can you drive an HDMI display and the LVDS display at the same time?

(3) Can the HDMI display and the LVDS display be addressed separately (i.e. connect the HDMI display and LVDS display to separate docker container applications)?

Yes, the mallow carrier board is compatible with the 10.1” Capacitive Touch Display Panel .

Regarding driving HDMI and LVDS simultaneously – this is more a property of the Verdin module than of the Mallow carrier board. In short, yes, it is possible

According to the Verdin iMX8M Plus V1.1 Datasheet:
The i.MX 8M Plus SoC features a total of three display controllers called LCDIF. One LCDIF drives the MIPI DSI interface, one the HDMI, and one the LVDS interface. As long as no more than two instances are in use simultaneously, up to 1080p60 is supported. With all three instances in use, it is possible to run one instance with 1080p60 and two instances with 720p60.”

Regarding the capability to connect HDMI and LVDS displays to separate Docker container applications – it’s not currently supported by the existing Torizon images, but it should be theoretically possible. For details on potential ways to implement such a solution, I recommend posting this specific question on the Toradex community forum as a separate thread.