LVDS adaptors for Dual channel to Sigle channel

We have product build with Iris Carrier Board V1.1B/ IMX6 boards, supports LVDS Single channel Display.
Now we want to upgrade product with Iris Carrier Board V2.0/ IMX8 boards, with same display.
Please advise for LVDS adaptors to solve this issue. Where can I find them.

Hello Srinu,

Can you give us more information on the single-channel display you are using?
The Iris V2.0 RGB to LVDS converter allows being configured to dual-channel and single-channel output.
You have to build a customized cable. In the schematic of the IrisV2.0, you find a table with the converter configurations. With the Mode pin, you can switch between single-channel and dual-channel output.
please take a look at our schematic of the IRIS V2.0. Iris Carrier Board

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