LTE and BT/WIFI coexistence

Dear Toradex support team,
we are using the apalis imx8 SoC together with an LTE modem and are now facing the certification of our product.
I am trying to figure out if we do need to some certification tests where both the Azurewave BT/WIFI chip and the LTE modem can send data at the same time.
In the block diagram of the Azurewave I can see that there is an interface to detect LTE coexistence.

Can you tell me if this is used by Torizon, so that the Azurewave stops sending data when LTE is detected?(I don’t even know if this question makes sense :sweat_smile:)

Thank you and best regards,

Edit: I added a block diagram of the Azurewave module

Greetings @n11ThoMumme,

So the story here is a bit complex. Though to keep it short, yes on paper the chip here does appear to support LTE coexistence. However, in reality when we questioned the current holder of the chip IP (NXP) about this feature, it seems this is not the case. It seems their current driver software for this chip does not have any support for this feature. Unless something changed recently, I believe this is still the case.

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