LP0 for Apalis TK1

When Will The Apalis TK1 Support LP0 mode ?
( Ticket 24541)
What is the fix ( HW, SW, …) ?

Currently only LP1 is supported. The mentioned feature request with issue #24541 is registered, but not planned to implement yet.
The fix is to use LP1, which is default starting with 2.7b2. If you want LP0 to wake up the device, have a look at the following article: suspend-resume-(linux)#uart-wake-up

Is in your case a special need for the LP0 or can you go with the LP1?

LP1 consumes much more power then LP0
This is why we MUST have LP0 supported
When do you plan to implement it?

Could you specify your current power consumption with LP1? What is your target power consumption with LP0?

I’ll recheck,
but ~150mA ( @12V) during LP1

LP0 was measured with Nvidia TK1 Dev Kit, was ~50mA @ 12V

Thanks for the Information. Could you confirm the power consumption numbers?