Lose access to docker registry from VS code

How to change the previously saved credentials for docker registry in VS code?
Cannot access it anymore after account password changed.

Greetings @Serghey,

Just to be clear you used the Torizon: Push application container to a docker registry command and then clicked the option to save your credentials for the registry correct?

And now you want to remove/change the saved credentials?

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According to our IDE extensions team there is a command Torizon: Delete stored security credentials for the application. This will delete any stored credentials allowing you to re-enter them.

However, this command is only available on the early access version of the extension. You could temporarily install the early access version, delete your credentials, then go back to the stable release.

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Hello Jeremias.
We already resolved this issue, credential were stored as Windows Credentials and and it could be removed from Windows Credentials Manager. It works fine for 1.5.1 extension.
Thank you.