Looking for a control board and silentstepsticks stepper motor driver

I am looking for a powerful controller board for true 3D processing and for CNC that uses SilentStepSticks to drive stepper motors and has an OS available to process G Code from CAD/CAM software.

Hello @Hellmut1956,

looking at the software side of your project idea. There are multiple Toradex Modules capable of handling the requirements of yours. Options such as Apalis T30, Apalix iMX6 or Colibri iMX7 are possible fits for you. Depending on your exact use-case, if you provide more information, I could give you a more detailed insight.

It looks a bit different on the hardware side. Currently there is no direct way to connect your SilentStepStick-Board directly to one of our modules. Our modules are mostly use in an industrial environment and most users, design their own carrier board capable of carrying these kind of connectors. If you want to design your own carrier board but need assistance. Try the gumstix designer which includes components of toradex in their selection. You are also able to add your custom header in your design and can integrate your specific grove connector.

A simpler and more temporary approach would be to use jumper cables to connect it to one of our carrier-boards depending on your module selection.

Best Regards