Look for a CNC hardware Ethercat master and HMI

I look for an heterogeneous hardware to build new CNC version.
I need real time environment for Ethercat master and motor control. ( cycle time 1 ms and jiter<10 microseconds )
I will use linux environnement with Qt5 for other service and HMI.

An Ethernet will be use by Ethercat and Real time CPU
An Ethernet will be use by Linux and other CPU

I also need a CAN port for backward compatibility.

Does Toradex offer a solution that comes close to my needs ?

Thank you very much


Without knowing all the details it’s of course hard to propose the best hardware for your application. We also don’t do any custom hardware, i.e. carrier boards with displays or similar. You might find a System on Module which fits your needs and can go with one of our standard carrier boards and display we have in our webshop to start your evaluation.
In general, a Colibri iMX7 variant might fit your needs in case you don’t have too fancy graphics on your HMI. The Colibri iMX7 products have an Cortex-M4 core which can be used for real-time applications and the Cortex-A7 for Linux with Qt, etc. Find more information here:
You can also have a look at our product selector which might help finding the right product for you:
Or you can connect to your local Toradex sales office in order to compare your needs and our offerings in detail.

We also work closely with acountis and CodeSys/Nexo to provide EtherCAT solutions.

In the next weeks we will release more information about there Demos on Toradex Hardware at embedded world 2018.