Login details for Torizon image

Dear sir,

I have successfully downloaded the torizon image with toradex easy installer. Now it is asking for login details. As referred to some of the questions asked by other users who faced the same problem on toradex community, I entered login as ‘root’ and left the password blank and entered. It shows login incorrect error.

My window appears as

TorizonCore 4.0.0-dev-20191211+build.36 colibri-imx6-10518868 tty1

Colibri-imx6-10518868 login:

Please provide me with the login details.
Thank you for help.


Hi @tanvi,

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Could you please try userID and password as “torizon” as describe here.

Hi @tanvi,

Deven is correct here but just to add more information. Unlike our other BSP Torizon has root login disabled by default, this is because we aim for Torizon to be a production ready distribution. Therefore disabling root login is just a simple security stance towards that end.

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I’m using the Apalis iMX8 QuadMax with the Ixora Carrier Board, and the password “torizon” is not working. Is there another password that I need to use for the default password on my first login?

hi @briangApt and Welcome to the Toradex Community!

Which Software exactly are you using? Did you try to enter with root user?

HI @briangApt,

The torizon login is used for our “TorizonCore” images. For our non-TorizonCore images the login is just root. So it depends on what image you’re running basically.

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Perfect that you could enter using root user. The username torizon is used for Torizon image.

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Hello @jaski.tx!

I’m using Putty and/or WinSCP to connect with the Toradex Embedded Linux console. I used the root per your suggestion and that worked. When should I use the torizon login?