Location for Moses IDE Backend documentation

According to Visual Studio Code Extension for Torizon, documentation for config.yaml is available in Moses IDE Backend documentation which not linked. Please advise where this can be found.

Greetings @bcraun,

Seems that message is a bit out of date thanks for point that out to us. We do have the IDE backend source code published here: GitHub - toradex/moses: This repo contains all the different components related to IDE integration for Torizon.

There’s no formal documentation on it yet since we’re still in the process of sorting out the license and other legal stuff.

Is there a specific question you have about config.yaml?

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Yes, looking for a description of the config.yaml schema. This file appears to be a proprietary configuration file and not using standard Docker Compose conventions. Specifically, I’m trying to understand how to add bind-mounts to the common list as nothing I’m trying is working.

Is there any support for creating a production docker-compose file from within the extension that includes not only the Weston and kiosk containers, but also the application container such that the systemd docker-compose.service could autostart the stack on boot like it does by default with Portainer.