Locals with cout

I would like to display on the screen sometimes numbers with “,” separator each 3 figures like:
1,024,876,558 bytes.
I found oout on internet that you may use:


See c++ - Format an integer with thousands separator (recursive implementation) - Code Review Stack Exchange ,
this is part of #include which does not exist with WINCE 5.
Is there any other include file for this local() ?

Otherwise …

Does any library conversion and format function exist to display numbers with “,” separators each 3 digit ?

this is part of include file locale.h
which does not exist with WINCE 5.include


I’m afraid there is no such function in Windows CE5. However, writing such a conversion function should be quite simple, such as the following code I found on Stackoverflow:

void printfcomma2 (int n) {
    if (n < 1000) {
        printf ("%d", n);
    printfcomma2 (n/1000);
    printf (",%03d", n%1000);

void printfcomma (int n) {
    if (n < 0) {
        printf ("-");
        n = -n;
    printfcomma2 (n);

Regards, Andy