Local registry not reachable from target with Torizon extension Apollo X when using devcontainer


  • VS-Code with Torizon extension ApolloX 0.66
  • Raspberry Pi with TorizonCore 6.0.0-devel
  • Extension generated project from C++Console template
  • Project started inside a devcontainer

When starting a debug session inside of a devcontainer environment, it fails when the target is pulling the application debug container from the hosts local Docker registry which is started by the task run-docker-registry.

This happens when the torizon extension is started inside a devontainer environment and sets the variable host_ip in the file .vscode/settings.json to the containers ip instead of the host ones.
The task pull-container-torizon-debug-arm64 then uses the wrong ip for the registry to pull the image.

Wouldn’t it be better to let the extension set a torizon_registry_ip in settings.json for exactly this purpose ?

Kind regards

Hi @millerfield ,

I think you’re trying to use some aspects of our first version of the extension with ApolloX (extension V2), such as starting a project inside devcontainer: they’re not compatible, e.g. ApolloX doesn’t use devcontainers for its setup, each version uses docker differently, etc.

If you have both versions of the extension I suggest uninstalling/disabling V1 and all extensions related to it (such as devcontainer), close all open projects, then creating a new ApolloX template from the Explorer.

See if this helps you.

Best regards,
Lucas Akira

Hi Lucas,
we used devcontainer in another non-Torizon project. We like the way to keep the dependency hell of installing all the tools (compilers, code checkers…) away from the developers machine and pulling the devcontainer image build by a pipeline from a companies container registry.
So I’am looking for a way to achieve that by modifying devcontainer.json and the tasks.json.
I see, that the runners build-debug-arm64 and build-container-image-sdk-arm64 are working similar to the devcontainer approach.
So I need to reconsider all the informations I gathered and need to revise our project.

Thanks and regards

Hi @millerfield ,

I’ve passed your question internally for further analysis and it’s currently being discussed. I’ll let you know if there is any updates on this.

EDIT: Our team got in contact with you.

Best regards,
Lucas Akira