Loading Toradex Easy Installer from windows

I need some suggestion on Iris board with IMX7 1 GB emmc. Now i have flashed my board with short circuit as per toradex guide and now i am loading the Toradex Easy Installer using Micro USB but there are some error occuring in the command prompt.

I am using windows 11 and i have tried from windows 7 also.
As i connect my USB to my PC it shows usb device Unrecognized.

So please provide some support or assistance.

Hi @Nabeelahmed0505 ,

  1. Make sure you use the latest Toradex Easy Installer
  2. USB not found /unrecognized USB issues can come if the USB is bad or the module had not entered into recovery mode.
  3. Make sure that no SD card is in the SD card slot while entering recovery mode.
  4. Try connecting UART_A for debug messages if not yet connected, see if you are still getting messages after entering into recovery mode. If yes, then it has not entered into recovery mode

Thank you for your support i got my problem solved by your instructions.

Now i am loading wince7 on my imx7d 1gb emmc board with Iris and i followed below mentioned link. (https://developer-archives.toradex.com/knowledge-base/imx7-wince-bring-up#Flashing_EBoot_and_Windows_Embedded_Compact_only_image_10b1_or_newer)

Now i am loading the flash through e-boot i type "flashimage nk7.bin " to flash WEC7 or "flashimage nk8.bin "
The image is loaded and shows up after power cycle. But, when i give another power cycle e-boot appears on the screen. No OS is present.

And i have a question that windows embedded compact runs on all IMX7 modules?

Toradex website shows that IMX7D 1GB emmc Support windows embedded compact 7 but no technical information as it mentions Contact toradex.

Hi @Nabeelahmed0505,

WinCE image is available for Colibri iMX7S 256MB and Colibri iMX7D 512MB and not for Colibri iMX7D 1GB.
For 1 GB variant, if you need WinCE image then this will be on support hour (chargeable) basis.

Thank you sir for your information.

Can you please tell me the details about charges and support info.

Hi @Nabeelahmed0505 ,
Please write to support

Instead of windows we want to evaluate Torizon which seems good starting point. We Evaluated Torizon with Crank Software and we runned a application.

But we are getting problem in evaluating application because of the display Resolution.
Crank Application resolution is already 800x480.
And we used this below link for display resolution but this is too complicated:

So please provide support on the display resolution setting and Touch Calibration on Torizon
we are using Colibri Evaluation Board V3.2 with IMX7D 1GB emmc V 1.1A.

Hi @Nabeelahmed0505 ,
For Torizon display settings , please use this article.

yes i have done it.
but now i have issue regarding weston wayland for running qt applications.
i am using toradex reference multimedia-rt image.
now my qt application does not run on full screen i think this is because of wayland.
i want to run my application directly fullscreen.
so please help about.

Hi @Nabeelahmed0505 ,
Please do not mix different questions on the same post. Kindly create a new post

Ok sorry for the inconvenience.