Loading FreeRTOS code into M4 of iMX7d

I am using iMX7D 1GB and I followed this link to run a FreeRTOS code into the M4 core and I
am quite successful in it. Thanks for the Toradex developer site articles. Following the link, I am able to transfer the code from my development PC to eMMC and then by using uboot setenv, we are running that code in the M4 core. Once when we load another code into M4, the previous loaded code also exists which can also be loaded from uboot. So is there a way to remove the code loaded into M4 in the /mnt/vfat_partition? What will the maximum memory that can be used for loading firmware to M4 from the eMMC?

Thanks for your time.

Dear @nishanth1829

Through /mnt/vfat_partition you access the boot partition. Beside your M4 application, there’s the Linux Kernel and device tree files located here, too.

The partition size on the Colibri iMX7D 1GB is 16MB. Roughly 6MB are occupied by Kernel and device tree, so there’s 10MB left for your M4 application(s).

There’s multiple ways to delete firmware files that you loaded into the boot partition. A simple method is to connect your development PC and the Colibri through a USB cable. On the U-Boot command line, enter

ums 0 mmc 0

This makes the boot partition available as a USB flash drive on your development PC, allowing easy creation and deletion of files.

Regards, Andy

Hi @andy.tx ,
Thank you for you quick reply. This resolved my issue.