Load software on IMX6Q APALIS

HI, we have to do A BIG production with boards that mount an APALIS IMX6Q.
We need to load software on all apalis imxq6 of each boards.
Normally, when we do it with 1 SOM for the first time we connect serial uart1 in order to use the console and load software.

With large numbers it is not possible because require a lot of time.
Is there any different way (for production) to load our software without connect uart1?


Dear @AiLux, how are you?

Have you checked this page: Detailed Manual | Toradex Developer Center? It’s the detailed manual of Toradex Easy Installer on the auto-installation section.

It describes how you can flash one image automatically once the system has detected its presence, for instance, by connecting a USB Key. Would this be a suitable solution for you?

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Hi, thanks we will read .
Another question: is it possible with these methods to do a secure boot?

Dear @AiLux,

Just as a check, the Toradex Easy Installer will allow you to upload your custom image with your own application to the module. This was what you meant, right?

I think you may want to have a look on this thread of our community about secure boot on Apalis iMX6: Initial Secure Boot in Manufacturing for Apalis iMX6.

Please tell me if this helps.

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Dear @AiLux, do you have any news on this topic?

Thanks :smiley: