Load linux BSP over ethernet

i have several codes and services in my imx6 image and i need all of them for mass production
i have tried to clone my image from my eMMC according to “How to Clone Embedded Linux on eMMC Based Toradex Modules” but in this case i need easy installer too load my rootfs and bootfs file every time that make me use iris every time
i gonna to use Yocto at last but i need shortcut way now without Yocto so is there any suitable solution too load my customized BSP (that contain my own bootfs and rootfs) over Ethernet without easy installer like using uboot options ??

i am using :
Colibri imx6dl V1.1A
iris carrier board
linux BSP 2.8b7

appreciate your support

Hello @me_ahani98 ,

Installing / Updating the image using the Toradex Easy Installer is the preferred method. However, here is a developer article that explains about SD card / Ethernet updates: Flashing Methods in U-Boot

BR, Janani

dear @saijanani.tx
hi engineer
i see this post but there is another issue that i could not solve it my self
with “How to Clone Embedded Linux on eMMC Based Toradex Modules” this guide line i will make my-bootfs.tar.gz as an output
but in this link "Flashing Methods in U-Boot " i will need root.ext3 as an input
how can i convert my image too .ext3 file??

best regard

Hello @me_ahani98 ,

yes, you are right. But I have an alternate quick solution for you. You can actually load the Easy Installer via TFTP. Once you do that, you can actually install the tar.gz image via it and you will be compliant with our recommendations as well.

Here is a thread that would assist you with the process. It has worked for our other customers.

Could you maybe give this a try?

Best Regards,

hi dear @saijanani.tx
as i understood i need NFS/TFTP server/DHCP server/easy installer/web server beside each other too be able too upload my rootfs/bootfs files
this procedure is so complicate for my end user to update my system software
is there any more user friendly and straight forward solution for my costumer to updating process?
my most ideal solution is that i could update my whole image with some application like TFTP / download and extract it in my SOM and separate it to different package like rootfs/device tree/kernel/…
is there any guide line like this without yocto??

wish you best…
thanks a lot

Dear @me_ahani98 ,

This is the recommended way unfortunately. The way is to use OTA along with Torizon.
I am sorry that I don’t have better answer for you.

BR, Janani