Load eboot configuration with easy installer

In our production we load the iMX6S CPU board over the ICT adapter using the standard easy installer image (Toradex Documents - iMX6 WinCE7 Image tezi). Later we configure eboot and registry in order to get our display working.
Is it possible to configure eboot using easy installer by just adding a eboot.cfg file in image.json?

Dear @widtmann

Yes, it is possible to add your own bootloader configuration and registry to the json file, so you can program your whole configuration in a single run.

There’s a tutorial on our developer website which explains how to prepare and execute these steps:

Regards, Andy

Using this mechanism I was able to load eboot configuration and registry settings successfully. That’s exactly what we were looking for.
However, loading our own splash screen wasn’t possible yet. When using the original custom.tss in the template it works, we get the Toradex splash screen. If we replace custom.tss file by our own file in the template, it is just showing a dark screen when booting. We took over the filename custom.tss but the file size is bigger. What could be the problem?

Dear @widtmann
Can you please provide me the following information:

  • Resolution of the splash screen
  • Configured resolution in the bootloader config block ( ss.width and ss.height).

If the resolution of the splash screen is larger than the configured resolution, it is not shown.

Did you try to flash the splash screen later, using the UpdateTool? Does this make a difference?

Regards, Andy

The resolution of the splash screen is 480x800 and that’s what we configured in eboot configuration (ss.width=800, ss.height=480).
Programming the same splash screen later with the update tool works fine.

Dear @widthmann

The splashscreen needs to be created in two slightly different formats for the UpdateTool and for Toradex Easy Installer.

If you have the Splash screen converter, you can simply select the option Generate Easy Installer file format.
If we converted the splash screen for you, please send me the original BMP file, I will convert it for you.

BTW: The recent versions of the Update Tool can handle both formats, so you only need the Easy Installer Format for both the Update Tool and the Easy Installer.

Regards, Andy

Dear Andy,
We still have an old version of splash screen converter which does not provide this option (V1.0.0.0, 14.11.2016). However we decided to use the original Toradex splash screen in the first step of our production. The splash screen will be programmed over the update tool in a later step anyway.


Dear @widtmann

Please send me a short request to support@toradex.com, I will send you an updated version of the splash screen converter.

Regards, Andy