LM816 USB connection problem WCE7 VF61

On my board I’m using two USB ports. Both are working fine with the USB storage. But I can not get connection to LM816 on USB0. It is working fine with the USB1. What could be the reason?

Dear @Konrad,

Since USB Storage works on both ports i guess the only explanation is that it’s a current limiting issue on the problematic port.
Can you share the schematics of your 2 USB ports?

I’m using exactly the same power connections to both USB ports. The only difference is that USB0 is also used to OTG connection but of course not at the same time :-).
alt text

Hi, I have just removed the 100nH solenoids and it is working now. Thank you. You where right it was the supply problem. Thanks a lot for this advise.

I’m glad the problem is solved