LM816 Can't install the drivers

Can someone tell me how to install the WIFI drivers fo LM816?

I try to download and install in the drivers in local folder Flash/System but is not working.


Dear @KrisSS
The link you provided is not valid (404 error). Can you please let me know, which specific driver you tried to install.

Regards, Andy

Hi Andy,

Thank you for replay and sorry about the link the model is LM816 try this one LM816

Hi @KriSS

Thank you for the updated Link. I was able to see from your initial question that it was about the LM816.
What I would like to know is which driver you are using.
I would like to make sure that you were using a suitable installer. And if I have to test it here, I want to make sure I test exactly the same software version as you do.

Regards, Andy

Dear @KriSS,

Please use this driver : https://developer.toradex.com/products/lm816-usb-wifi#software, we made an LM816 installer for our products based on vendor driver.

It is over one year when you have answer to the Andy question but I have some more related problem. When I using the LM006 driver for LM816 it works fine for local printer connection but I have some problem with the sound transmission from the Internet Radio server. Do you think that it could be problem in the driver or it is something else?
Best regards

HI @Konrad

I don’t think that your issue is related to wifi driver.

Best regards,